Antonio Aguti Wildlife Photographer wing light nature

wing light nature
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Antonio Aguti  Wildlife Photographer

It does not matter the subject, it is important
that the  moment stopped  is extraordinary
Nature is what makes the world 
we livein beautiful,the birds
 that are part of it are the most
fascinating part

Mammals with their maternal istino
are also an example to mankind

Light is essential to make a landscape
suggestive and fascinating

About me

I have been photographing since 1990,at the age of 24, I love photography in a general sense, since 2005 I have been mainly dedicated to nature photography, animals, especially birds.
Photographing them in their natural environment fills my heart with joy, so I spend many hours searching for favorable conditions that will allow me to shoot the subjects in the best way.
Every subject has its charm; my quest is to find it.
The light, the moment, the shooting point, these are the conditions that make a shot particularly beautiful.
When I succeed, it is like "touching the sky with my fingers."
The photos on this site were taken in natural environments, parks, nature oases, without causing any disturbance to the subjects photographed, without the use of bait or the like., without the use of bait or similar.

XXXV national contest
City of  dalmine
natur section
2° classified
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